How We Accelerated Our Vault Adoption With Terraform

Time: Sep 11 | 10:45 AM - 11:20 PM Location: Columbia | Level 3
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Session Title:

How We Accelerated Our Vault Adoption With Terraform

Session Abstract:

When we first started with Vault for secret management, we were the all powerful admins doing everything manually. This was an audit nightmare, and with increasingly more users, our workload became unmanageable. We could not let that stand. We have the word "Automation" in our job titles, after all. In this talk, I will outline how we started chipping away at the manual processes, keeping track of changes over time, and automating parts of our configuration. And I will show you where we are today, with Pull Requests, ChatOps, and Terraform. While our specific pipeline is not going to be the best for everyone, I hope you come away from this talk with ideas for how to manage your own Vault clusters.