HashiConf Speakers

Armon Dadgar

Founder & CTO at HashiCorp

Mitchell Hashimoto

Founder & Co-CTO at HashiCorp

Abhishake Pathak

Chief Systems Architect at Deluxe Entertainment

Andrea Gallego

Gamma CTO and Principal at The Boston Consulting Group

Anthony Johnson

Principal Engineer - Cloud at Ellie Mae

Baptiste Assmann

Principal Solutions Architect at HAProxy Technologies

Brendan Burns

Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft

Brian Kassouf

Vault Engineering Lead at HashiCorp

Brian Nuszkowski

Staff Security Engineer at Cruise Automation

Bridget Kromhout

Principal Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft

Calvin Leung Huang

Software Engineer at HashiCorp

Dan Catlin

Senior Infrastructure Engineer at ActBlue Technical Services

Dana Hoffman

Senior Software Engineer at Google

Daniel Parker

Principal Engineer at Target

Dylan Silva

Principal Product Manager - Ansible Engine at Red Hat

Eddie Zaneski

Manager, Developer Relations at DigitalOcean

Eduardo Arango

Software Engineer at Sylabs Inc

Erik Rygg

Senior Enterprise Architect at HashiCorp

Erik Veld

Founder at Instruqt

Idit Levine

Founder & CEO at Solo.io

Jeff Barr

VP & Chief Web Services Evangelist at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Jeff Ploughman

CEO, Founder and Engineer at Immutability LLC

Jennie Lees

Senior Software Engineer at Riot Games

Jon Currey

Director of Research at HashiCorp

Konstantin Wilms

SVP Cloud at Deluxe Entertainment

Krishnan Chandra

Senior Software Engineer at Reddit

Kristin Laemmert

Software Engineer, Terraform Core at HashiCorp

Michael Schurter

Nomad Engineer at HashiCorp

Michael Stewart

Software Engineer at Bloomberg LP

Mike Augustine

Senior Architect at Blackstone Federal

Nicholas Klick

Lead Engineer at ActBlue

Nicolas Corrarello

Regional Director, Solutions Engineering at HashiCorp

Paddy Carver

Software Engineer at HashiCorp

Paul Banks

Software Engineer - Consul at HashiCorp

Paul Hinze

Director of Terraform at HashiCorp

Pierre Souchay

Senior Staff DevOps Engineer at Criteo

Preetha Appan

Engineering Manager, Nomad at HashiCorp

Rangan Prabhakaran

Engineering Manager at Bloomberg LP

Rick Rackow

Site Reliability Engineer at eBay Classifieds Group

Robbie McKinstry

Research Engineer at HashiCorp

Robert Zuber

Chief Technology Officer at CircleCI

Sarah Christoff

Cloud Systems Engineer at Cloudreach

Scott Winkler

Software Engineer at Ellie Mae

Sean Carolan

Solutions Engineer at HashiCorp

Seth Vargo

Developer Advocate at Google

Suresh Krishnan

Lead Engineer - Digital at Target Corporations

Wyatt Anderson

Staff Software Engineer at Oscar Health Insurance

Yevgeniy Brikman

Co-Founder at Gruntwork

Zachary Deptawa

Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft