Frequently Asked Questions

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HashiConf is HashiCorp’s annual community conference, a multi-day experience created so you can connect with other HashiCorp community members, core contributors, customers, partners, and HashiCorp employees. HashiConf normally takes place twice a year: HashiConf Europe in June takes place during daytime hours in the Central European (CEST) timezone. HashiConf Global in October takes place during daytime hours in the Pacific (PDT) timezone.

Anyone with an interest in cloud technology is welcome to attend HashiConf. Developers, system engineers, architects, and security professionals who work with cloud infrastructure and cloud-native architecture attend HashiConf to discover the latest technical insights and deep-dives, learn what is new with HashiCorp open-source tools and enterprise products, receive product training, and connect with other HashiCorp community members who build and use HashiCorp tools every day.

Registration to HashiConf is free for all of our community members. To register for access to the the keynotes, livestream, technical sessions, live chat, and Lightning Talks, you will need to create a HashiCorp account, or log into your existing account.

You can use your GitHub credentials or an email and password combination to create and log into your HashiCorp account.

Workshops require a separate ticket, and a nominal fee to reserve your place. 

A common problem we see when someone cannot register is that your company’s security settings are preventing registration. This is often the case with attendees from banks or the financial sector.

Unfortunately, we cannot work around your company’s security settings, nor would we wish to. The only solution is to register for HashiConf using a non-work device.

If you suspect that this is not the case, but you still cannot properly register, please contact and let us know what browser you are using, and we will do our best to assist.

The full schedule will be released in September 2021.

HashiConf Global is a fully digital community conference, so the keynotes, workshops, and technical sessions will take place on an online platform that we have custom-built for HashiConf Global. We will email all registered attendees with the link when the platform opens. If you miss the email, you can also find a link to the platform on this website.

Our code of conduct is found here.

This is a great question and we wish we had the answer. When government regulations once again allow large gatherings, we will explore the idea of another in-person HashiConf.We hope to see you all in person again soon!

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring HashiConf. We have decided not to have a sponsorship program while our community conferences are in a digital-only format. When in-person events return, we will once again have sponsors. To be added to the contact list for 2022 conferences, please email