HashiConf EU Schedule

Experience Level
Product Type
  • 08:00
    Gashouder | WestergasfabriekRegistration and Breakfast

    Registration will take place in the Gashouder. Breakfast will be served in several locations: The Hub, HashiCafé, and the Outdoor Lounge.

  • 09:30
    Gashouder | WestergasfabriekOpening Keynote
  • 10:45
    Gashouder | WestergasfabriekMulti-Cloud Service Networking for Humans
  • 10:45
    WesterUnie | WestergasfabriekNovel Global Risk Platform Deployment on Azure in a Regulated Environment
  • 11:30
    Gashouder | WestergasfabriekA Tour of Terraform 0.12
    TerraformBeginnerIntermediateAdvancedExpertEnterpriseOpen Source
  • 11:30
    WesterUnie | WestergasfabriekA Keyboard Wall That Showcases Immutable Infrastructure as Code
    NomadConsulPackerBeginnerIntermediateOpen Source
  • 12:05
    WestergasfabriekLunch Break

    Lunch will be served in several locations: The Hub, The HashiCafé, and the Outdoor Lounge.

  • 13:25
    Gashouder | WestergasfabriekHow ABN AMRO Is Implementing DevSecOps in a Multi-Cloud Environment
  • 13:25
    WesterUnie | WestergasfabriekCollaborative Development of Infrastructure Using IAC and Terraform
  • 14:15
    Gashouder | WestergasfabriekSimplify Your Terraform Codebase Using Terraform 0.12 and Terraform Enterprise
    TerraformAdvancedEnterpriseOpen Source
  • 14:15
    WesterUnie | WestergasfabriekHow Paddy Power Betfair Secures 1000+ CI/CD Deployments Daily
  • 14:50
    WestergasfabriekCoffee Break

    Head to the HashiCafé or the Outdoor Lounge to grab a coffee before the next session, or stop by The Hub to visit our sponsors.

  • 15:20
    Gashouder | WestergasfabriekSecuring Cloud Native Communication, From End-User to Service
  • 15:20
    WesterUnie | WestergasfabriekGrowing Vault at Hootsuite
    VaultIntermediateEnterpriseOpen Source
  • 16:10
    Gashouder | WestergasfabriekDistributed Configuration Management With Nomad
    NomadPackerTerraformVaultConsulVagrantIntermediateAdvancedOpen SourceEnterprise
  • 16:10
    WesterUnie | WestergasfabriekPolicy as Code: IT Governance With HashiCorp Sentinel
  • 16:45
    The Hub | WestergasfabriekEvening Social

    Head over to the The Hub for the Evening Social and a chance to connect with other attendees and HashiCorp staff.

  • 19:30
    After Hours

    If you're not quite ready to leave Day 1 of HashiConf EU, join us after the Evening Social at the After Hours located nearby at Pacific Parc, from 19:30 until 22:00.